Welcome to the Santa Barbara Math Ellipse,
a Math Circle for High School students, started in January 2010,
organized by SB Family School.

The Santa Barbara Math Ellipse is a reformulation of the ARML group that had been meeting
in Goleta for the previous five years to participate in the ARML math competition.

As a Math Circle, the group continues to focus on ARML preparation, but also offers explorations of various other intriguing mathematical topics, including guest lectures by faculty from UCSB
and other schools.

For lots more information about Math Circles in general, and the Santa Barbara Math Ellipse
in particular, please read the about page.

The Santa Barbara Math Ellipse generally meets twice a month on weekend afternoons,
at SB Family School in Goleta. Some meetings are located on the UCSB campus.

The Santa Barbara Math Ellipse is open to any interested high school student in the Santa Barbara area. Enrollment is limited and is on a first-come, first-served basis, subject to the discretion of the organizer. (Santa Barbara Math Ellipse groups for junior high school and elementary school students are also available.)

In order to attend a Santa Barbara Math Ellipse meeting, you must first register.

The Santa Barbara Math Ellipse is partially supported by SB Family School
and donations from friends and other interested community members.