Meetings are generally held twice a month
on Sundays from ≈12:32* to 3:15 pm

This schedule is tentative and hence subject to change.

Date Topic*
February 11 Hearts & Dice
March 11 ARML Power Contest & Poison Problems
April 8 ~ E. Orthodox Easter Fibonacci Fun
April 22 Puzzles from the Gathering for Gardner
April 29 Antepenultimate ARML Practice
May 13 Penultimate ARML Practice
May 20 Polygonal Pi
May 27 Ultimate ARML Practice
June 1-2 ARML Competition Field Trip
June 3 or 10 P3 (Pizza Puzzle Party)

* See the footnote on the About page

* Even when ARML is not mentioned in the topic,
ARML problems related to the topic may be included.

Previous Years' Schedules for Reference