Skona Brittain has an MA in Mathematics from Princeton University,
an MSE in Computer Science from the University of Pennsylvania, and
a BA in Theoretical Physics from UCSB’s College of Creative Studies.
She has taught mathematics and/or computer science at Princeton University, University of Pennsylvania, University of the Sciences in Philadelphia, SBCC and UCSB.

Since 1999, Skona has been running SB Family School, a private math enrichment program, where she coaches math teams of 4th-12th graders, mostly homeschoolers,
as well as designs and teaches “creative mathematics” classes and summer camps.
For the past decade, she has also been coaching the Santa Barbara chapter of the Southern California ARML team. The High School Santa Barbara Math Ellipse is an extension of that group.

Skona participated in Great Circles 2009, a workshop about Math Circles sponsored by the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute at U.C.Berkeley in April 2009. In the Summer and Fall of 2009, Skona and SB Family School collaborated with the UCSB Department of Mathematics to start the UCSB Math Circle, for Junior High School students. As the organizer of the Santa Barbara Math Ellipses, Skona was invited to MSRI's Circle on the Road workshops in Houston in March 2011, in Puerto Rico in March 2013, and at Courant in NYC in October 2016.

Other Presenters

Since the lower elementary division is new, there have been no other presenters yet.