Welcome to the
Santa Barbara Math Ellipse
for Lower Elementary School students,
organized by SB Family School,
started in the Winter of 2015.

The Santa Barbara Math Ellipses are a set of Math Circles that began with a math circle for
high school students
in January 2010, and expanded to include a math circle for
junior high school students
in September 2010, a math circle for upper elementary school
in April 2013, and, finally, a math circle for lower elementary school students in
February 2015.

Math Circles offer kids who love math the opportunity to work together exploring intriguing mathematical topics beyond the curriculum.
For lots more information about Math Circles in general, and the Santa Barbara Math Ellipse
in particular, please read the about page.

The Santa Barbara Math Ellipse for Lower Elementary Schoolers will meet once a week after school, at SB Family School in Goleta.
It's open to any interested 1st-3rd graders in the Santa Barbara area, and to advanced kindergartners with permission from the organizer.
Enrollment is limited and is on a first-come, first-served basis.

In order to attend the Santa Barbara Math Ellipse, you must first register.